Lest you think that I won't present both sides of this story, here's the other side: California Proposition 22 - Protection of Marriage Initiative. I only have to ask, protect marriage? From what???

Have you seen the ads for No on 22? It's a ballot that legally defines marriage as between a man and a woman, legally excluding any future legislation that would allow gays to marry. The TV ad is hilarious, saying 'gay marriage is banned, and stays banned' and 'what if your child turned out to be gay? You'd still love them.' It's done just like a Saturday Night Live ad, and while I agree with what they're saying (keep the government out of my bedroom, thank you very much) their ads make me laugh.

I've been thinking about all the places I interviewed with. The one thing they all have in common is that they don't make sense, or at least they're all way too complicated.

I just wrote a diatribe about my most recent job hunt, read all about it if you dare.

I was telling my mom about my upcoming birthday party and she asked "did you invite Marcia?" The only Marcia I know was the (stupid) reason I moved to Oregon from Ohio, she later broke my heart in ways I'd never dreamed possible. I was stunned that Mom would ask. Then I realized that she meant Marci, my brother's girlfriend.


Wow! Every review of this movie on the web is here. Cool.

Here's the right winger's line by line synopsis of BOYS DON'T CRY. My favorite part is the itemized list of curse words, if I may quote "3 hells, 1 S.O.B., and 10 uses of "G-damn". Sounds like a drunken barn dance to me!

Andrea, Gail, and I saw a happy film yesterday, Boys Don't Cry. Okay, it was actually pretty damn depressing. This girl, Teena Brandon lived in Nebraska (well known for open minded folk and diversity) and knew she should be a boy. So she dressed like one, acted like one, and got more babes than men who were born as men.

Time after time, her cover is blown and there always seems to be an older brother waiting to kick her ass for sleeping with his sister. Eventually she gets raped and killed for her crime, being born with the wrong body.

Sad stuff.

I think I've moved everything over to lizspeaks. Next stop, site design.

My friend Gail came to visit last week. She arrived 4 hours late on the train. If your'e looking for a good time while travelling without too much concern about time, the train's the thing. The good people who work at the station don't know anything about when or if the train will arrive, though. I kept calling Gail's cellphone and promptly being accosted by other people who were waiting to get any scrap of information I had, then trying to strike up a converstation. There's a different, more desperate crowd at the train station than I'm used to at the airport.

Since I moved west from Ohio 6 years ago, I've gotten very used to flying all the time. Most of the time people don't bother you in the airport but the train station has fewer (read none) amenities than the airport.

Used priceline successfully today for the first time. Usually, I use expedia. Even though it's a Microshit product, it beats the competition hands-down for good prices. I bought a ticket for my friend Amy's upcoming visit, which will conincide with my 27th birthday and party. Just like last year, I guess I'll be having a frozen girlie drink party. There's something about a slushie with hooch added that gives me great joy.


These days, anyone can make a website, including my friend John. His masterpiece, Frozen Burritos is oddly addictive.

One of the things I feel passionately about is rescue dogs. I'm constantly sending money or doing anything I can to help abandoned or unwanted dogs find their way to a place where they are wanted. Occasionally, I drive 2.5 hours from home to Fresno to pick up dogs and take them up I-5, where another volunteer is waiting to take them.

I came forward to help 2 dogs headed to Washington a few weeks ago. I signed up for a long part of the route because I don't mind driving. Imagine my surprise when I didn't hear from the coordinator at all, then I got an email that wanted to make sure I could keep these dogs for 2 nights. What??? I can't keep anoy dogs because Alice is the queen of the universe and doesn't share well.

Volunteering can be really cool but it can also suck ass. No matter how much I do, there's always someone who wants more from me.

I've realized that you can't always make people happy. Sometimes I'm just going to say stuff that not everyone likes and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Nothing I say is meant to be malicious, while I may think of malicious things to say, I rarely say (or write) them. It's not worth pissing people off.

But I'm not going to censor myself any more than I do before I speak here. This blog is my own selfish indulgence and I'm wasting my efforts if I don't speak my mind here.


The death penalty has always bugged me and here goes my buddy George Bush, executing Betty Lou Beets today. I'm not suggesting for one second that killing not one but two of your husbands is a good idea or excusable. But that doesn't give the state the right to kill another person. It's way less expensive to keep someone in jail their whole lives than to spend the money on appeal after appeal the way our current system does.

In other news, the new design I was working on has finally been settled, I can start writing content (which is what my title alludes to my responsilbities being) soon.



So, I gave in to my greatest desires and bought my own domain. Purely a vanity move, but I'm pretty happy about it. Blogger can't get there yet so hopfully I'll have it up and running smoothly by the end of the week.


Everyone I know has told me about the Amazon.com: Books / Books / PEN-Amazon.com Short Story Award. I guess that means I should enter.

Like anyone, I don't welcome defeat, that's why I've resisted entering many writing contests. No matter how good my stuff is, there's always someone better. I don't like being reminded of that.

Last September, I wrote a novel in 3 days for the Anvil Press contest. What do you know, I didn't win. Don't know if I'll do it again this year. I had to miss my anniversary (once again) and Bugorama to do it and of course I didn't win.

MP3s have changed my life. Napster lets me snag just about anything and my desk remains free of the stacks of CDs that have dominated it for so long. My playlist includes the Beatles, Fat Boy Slim, South Park tunes and the Price is Right theme. Just because I can. Of course the POS machine they gave me while I'm waiting for a real one to come in keeps crashing while I'm using it but that should be fixed soon.

One nice thing about working somewhere that does web based video stuff is that you get a lovely camera and pencil mike that reminds me of Bob Barker. I have a Bob Barker clip (or whatever bullshit term they're calling it today) at Clip2 but because they laid my ass off, I'm not maintaining it. I want to move it to a more reputable link sharing place.

Send me email if it suits your fancy.

I spent all of last week turning a non-HTML graphic designer's idea of what our new site should look like into some easy-to-use templates and was feeling pretty darn proud of myself. Then my boss brought in another designer who took one look at the fruits of my labor and said 'can I have the originals from the designer' Stupidly, I asked 'do you want my template?' No.

So all of my hard work is going to be cast aside. At least my lovely placeholder text might get used. But that's what working is all about, right? Working hard then sucking it up when someone else has a better way of doing it.

I got caller ID at home today. Some guy called no less than 5 times this morning. His English seemed pretty limited but I think he was trying to send a fax (this a guess because he kept calling back and I'd hear a beep). I told him that whoever he needed, they weren't at my house, but it was to no avail. When I get home, I'll have the power to block him from calling.

When I was in college, I always had wacky answering machine messages. It really messes people up. Right now Alice is answering the phone for us, I was tired of the grown up 'we're not home right now' message that I had to put on while I was looking for a job.

Looks like Clip2 has been bested again. While they keep waiting and waiting to launch, Blink keeps kicking their ass, and shamelessly ripping them off. But there's a certain satisfaction in watching a place that laid me off (or whatever they're calling it) continually get bested by the competition.


My weekend was stellar. Tried to buy my keyboard at Fry's. That was a laugh. Not only did the salesguy not speak English (which I have no problem with, except when your job requires you to converse with English speaking customers like myself) he naturally had no idea what I was talking about. So I'll have to buy it from one of these cheesy ergo places that only do orders over the phone. Blech.

In my former life, I worked for an unidentified mall based athletic shoe and apparel reseller. It was sort of fun but also the most draining time in my life. I would work anywhere from 50-80 hours a week, with 95% of those hours on my feet. The long standing helped me keep my weight down but the vericose veins sure didn't help me get any dates. But I digess. It was the most politic-ridden place I've ever worked (even Beyond was better than this place. And yet I stuck with it, not trusting that I was smart enough to do anything else. Towards the end, I knew that I would be leaving (at the time I thought I was moving to Ohio) so I wasn't as concerned about my longevity there and I was desperate for money. I won't go into the details, but I did some things that while not illegal, were questionable on a moral level. The extra money that I got from my shady show dealings was just barely enough to cover my moving costs so I'm still glad that it worked out. But a lot of people got fired because of the things I was doing (and inspired others to do) so I don't have a lot of fans from that life.

One of the guys who lost his job was 50, he'd been working retail for his whole life. I don't think he went to college, it just didn't occur to him. He'd been with this multi-national conglomerate for 13 years and it seemed to be the only thing he knew. Being around him made it clear to me that I needed to do more with my life than retail. When he lost his job, his first reaction was to sue the evil district manager. Feeling the guilt that my Catholic upbringing gave me so well, I told him I'd help in the lawsuit. But then I started thinking about it and realized that it would be a bad idea. So I apologized profusely but told him I couldn't help.

That was over 3 years ago and yet he won't leave me alone. Yes, I feel horrible that this man and others lost their jobs. But he knew what I was doing and didn't stop it. I've gone on to a 'real' job, earning four times what I did then. There's no reason he couldn't do the same. I've asked him to leave me alone, apologized in person, via email and over the phone but that's not enough. The man is driven to see the Evil District Manager fry. Karmically, he did fry. He got fired and his wife left him. That's enough for me, but not for the other guy.

I thought I'd blocked him from every method of communication with me but I'd left out one option. This morning I came in to see an instant message from him that said 'thanks liz, I appreciate your help.' I guess he lost his case. Duh, we did stuff that was wrong and got caught. How can you turn that into a settlement? I just want this guy to leave me alone. It scares me that he was so driven by this, that he couldn't leave it behind and move on.


I'm currently on day 3 of my second job in 2 weeks. The first job seemed like a good deal, while the subject matter I was supposed to write about seemed kinda dry, my boss seemed like a great guy. He wasn't the most exciting guy in the world, but he had a good heart and would treat me fairly. After being without a boss, essentially on my own against the rest of the world who doesn't seem to care about typos, I was looking forward to working for this guy. Ha!

After they ignored me for the first day, the guy gave me no instructions and told me to swap out hand coded headers and footers with server side includes. Okay, but just to be sure, could you take 3 minutes to show me what code I should take out? Nope, then he yelled at me as if I was his 6 year old when I left code in that needed to come out. Without a development server, I had no way of seeing my changes.

3 days there was enough. I sent my resignation after the 3rd day. The recruiter who placed me there was upset, ostensibly because she thought I was "throwing my career away" (I am not kidding) but really because she loses her commission. She wished that I'd called her sooner so she could have fixed the situation. How? Given the guy Prozac maybe. I don't know about you, but if my livelihood depends on people going to work, I'd call them a lot, at least at first.

2/18/00 Not sure why I started this but it seems like a cool thing to do, so I'll give it a go.

My mom is about to get a new dog, Ben and she's all worried because he peed when she and Buddy came to visit. Dogs pee, that's their job.

Andrea got invited to a going away party for 2 of the higher ups at Beyond. It seems that almost everyone who I valued while I was there is gone. I think they're all just waiting for a takeover or a buyout so they can recoup some of their losses on the stock and move on.