I'm headed back home to Columbus for New Year's. My dad was cool enough to score us boxed seats to see the Blue Jackets, Columbus' new NHL team. They'll be serving food. Hell, I'm just stoked to be watching hockey!!

The most stunning moment of my Thanksgiving was when my mom blurted out "You know who I like? Nsync."


Pure magic: Tofurky Jerky.

From a co-worker:
I want streaming video of God
Don't we all?


This guy sent email to my work, but his site is so lovely that I thought you'd want to see it too!

I'm back, two days late and grumpy as all hell. I love the holidays.


Well, kids, I made it to Ohio just fine, albeit pissed after being cramped the whole time. Andrea, on the other hand, got stuck in Salt Lake City (she's headed to her family in New Jersey) for 5 hours the first time, then the plane took off and landed 10 minutes later because of a faulty part. After that, they cancelled her flight, so now, 24 hours later, she's finally en route to new Jersey after waiting 12 hours at the airport and flying all night. Ugh.

Welcome to the holidays.


Headed to lovely Ohio once again for Thanksgiving. Aren't you jealous?

Went to Benihana for my brother's birthday on Saturday. The place was packed with unruly boozers doing sake bombs and our authentic Japanese chef was a Mexican man named Saul. Magically, all of the food tastes the same. Maybe that's the secret.

And there was a photo of Henry Winkler posing with other authentic Benihana chefs in the lobby. What more can you ask for?


Ellie's namesake
Remeber Arizona Basset Hound rescue's plea for help? I sent them $100 and asked them to name the hardest-to-place dog after Ellie. Today, I'm sure my Ellie is smiling down on the 4 year old pregnant basset who's scared of the whole world and may have a hard time finding a home.

If you haven't sent them money yet, it's not too late. If you can't spare $5, you probably need a better job anyway.


Just when I thought the Internet couldn't get any weirder, now you can buy a sheep blow-up doll. How I wish I were kidding.


Pack Your Lunch, Save a Dog
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, may I humbly present you with the following suggestion? Pack your lunch one day this week and instead of eating out, send $5 to Arizona Basset Hound Rescue.

They just got word that a local puppy mill has decided to stop breeding basset hounds. This is great news--as this puppy mill is the major supplier of poor quality puppies for the area. They are now working to prevent her current breeding stock from passing into the wrong hands. They have an opportunity to take in her 8 remaining "breeders" (including one who is pregnant) and they need your help.

None of these dogs are current on shots or have been spayed or neutered. The dogs they rescued from this same puppy mill several months ago all required lots of ongoing vet care because of different health issues. Taking these dogs is going to drain thier bank account, but they can't let these dogs down.

If any of you would like to help financially with their care, they would be most grateful. For a $100 donation to our puppy mill fund, AZBHR will name one of the dogs after the person making the donation (or a name of their choice). For every $5 in donations, AZBHR will send you a raffle ticket to win lots of great prizes, including a signed Pam Tanzey holiday ornament, a basset hound leash rack, and other assorted goodies. Everyone who donates will receive a newsletter with updates and photos of all of the puppy mill dogs.

Please send your donations to:
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue
c/o Dena Pierrets
PO Box 5614
Mesa, AZ 85211

Make checks out to AZBHR and put "Puppy Mill Fund" in the notation line. When your checks are received, they will mail out your raffle tickets. If you are sending a $100 or higher donation, please include the name you choose for your puppy mill basset. The raffle drawing will be held on December 15th.

You can also make donations with your credit card via PayPal - just send email to admin@azbhr.org with the amount you would like to donate and they will bill your account.

Thanks very much in advance for your support of these dogs who are being given a second chance.

So kids...do something good today and send a little cash to save dogs like my Ellie, Alice and Holly.


So last night I felt the urge to see where else I could take a hockey class. I called HockeyWorkout, they had a class starting in an hour. So I ran home, fed the dogs, put on my fine hockey wardrobe and made it there just in time. The 1 hour lesson was actually 2, going until 10:30 last night. It was crazy but now I'm all about hockey. Guess I have hockey class tourette's.

Shopping for hockey gear, I came across this:
The aspen wood core shaft is fiberglass wrapped for extra strength and stiffness.

Tee hee.

Andrea found this groovy comparison shopping thingie.

So last winter, I interviewed for a job at Mambo.com. I really liked them and would have been good at the job but they rejected me. While I've wondered how it would have turned out, now I know.


It seems that Amy's car has been attacked by rodents. They felt the need to chew on her wiring and mess up the transmission to the tune of $600+.

Note to rodents:
Volkswagen products are, in fact not cheese or any other tasty treats.

Photoshop just told me that the command 'make' is not available. I get that a lot.

A damn fine explanation of building a logo. Via brig who found it somewhere else.



A friend was telling me about animal 'rescuers' who hoard animals and how's it been diagnosed as an illness. Who knew?

Miss Holly is getting a much-needed teeth cleaning today. I didn't realize how bad it was until I took a hard look the other night. I know I'd want a cleaning if I had that much plaque so off she goes. She's lost a big 2.5 pounds, not bad for only 3.5 weeks in our family.

I stopped at Starbucks after I dropped Holly off. One of the baristas (are men baristas or something else like baristars?) knew Ellie because he'd hang out at the vet's (next door) during his break. We were in every 2 weeks all summer so he'd seen us a lot. This morning he saw me in line and asked how the pup was. I couldn't answer, just shook my head and tried not to cry. Isn't this supposed to get easier?

I know that death is not an experience unique to me, that on some level we've all been through it. I've buried friends and relatives, but in all of those cases, I was one step removed from the actual death. With Ellie, I was right there, holding her as she took her last breath. Somehow, that experience has made me different.

Right after I lost my virginity, I felt totally different, like somehow I was a grownup now or I knew some deep secret that I didn't realize everyone else knew, too. I kept thinking that I looked different, that I wasn't who I was the day before and that if you looked hard enough, you could see it.

That's how I feel now. Do I look different? Older, wiser, sadder, somehow more in tune with the ways of the universe? I don't know, I only know that I did right by her, loving her with all my heart. That probably is making losing her harder but she didn't deserve anything less than all of my love.


What a lovely shot of someone's ass.

It's been one month since Ellie died. I wish I could say that I'm all better but the truth is that I'm not. I miss her all the time, I cry more than I'll ever publicly acknowledge. While I know that she's free from pain, I still miss her like crazy and most likely, always will.

The vet's office where she died told us that there'd be no charge for the office visit. Well...we got a bill for it and I hadn't been in any kind of frame of mind to fight it. Andrea finally called today and they were nice enough to take it off with no charge.

Good thing, because I do not have the strength to talk about the itemized other charges on that bill, much less argue about what we owe.

I guess I'm speechless today. It might be all the candy I had yesterday working it's way out of my system. I spent most of yesterday afternoon running around like Beavis doing Cornholio, saying "I'm fine! I'm fine!" This performance was followed up by me crashing on the couch last night with one hell of a belly ache.

From my mom:
That Bush, he makes me sick!


Vote for Bush
Why? Because Bush, in and of itself is a good thing. Of course George W. Bush is a moron and an unruly boozer, two things that really don't go together well. So don't vote for George Bush, but do support Bush in general.

Someone left a shitload of candy just outside of my fine cube. I've already had way too much and have tourettes.

My fine friend Bryan hasn't updated his site in forever, but he did buy a new domain and he looks like Jesus.

Yes, it's true. I'm back from Ohio. The move was less eventful than I'd imagined, certainly it was way less emotional than I'd dared to hope for. I unintentionally did not have to see my childhood home empty, we went up to the new house before the movers arrived. I'm still quite tired and I guess, speechless.

I told my mom I was thinking of voting for Nader. Her response:
Don't be dumb. Vote for Gore.


Visited an old friend tonight. I have no idea what prompted me to stop at a pay phone near his house and call as if we'd talked all the time over the last two years. When I arrived, I was nervous. Will he call me on the fact that we haven't talked? Will he still like me? (No, not in *that* way).

Looking at his place, I realized that many of the things I'd given him were still there, my thumbprint on his life was still present even if I'd chosen to throw away our friendship for no more salient a reason than my own exhaustion. Realized that my life, that all of our lives leave an impression on those we meet and that I'd better start taking that impression seriously and being more considerate with the emotions I put people through.

Bottom line: I just wasn't very nice. Not nearly as nice as I want to think I am.

Next time, this time, today, I'll do better.

This is it. My family's last night under the roof that I came home from the adoption agency to, where I learned to walk, was potty-trained, learned to curse (okay, maybe that was the schoolyard), and discovered cable TV. I'm not sure what I thought tonight would be like, but it's like this: the house is creaky since the carpets are up, I'm exhausted but wired from seeing not one but 3 old friends tonight, including one who I hadn't talked to in way too long and I guess I'm ready for all of this to be over with so I can get back to my life.

I've helped plenty of people move over the years. While schlepping someone else's stuff, I often think 'I'm schlepping someone else's stuff'. I didn't expect to think that about my parents' stuff but really, it is. The things in this house belong to them, even the crap I'd left behind isn't really mine anymore. If I haven't needed it in the 10 years since I moved out of this house, it's probably not of major importance.

Anyway, I may not have anything to say tomorrow since I'm not sure where my next working phone line is coming from. The phone is supposed to be turned on at the new house but if Ameritech is anything like Pac Bell, it could be next year.