Backyard Hockey
So today I decide hey, it's a nice day and I don't have a ton of homework. Why don't I get out the sheet of mellamine I've had in the garage for over a year and shoot on the garage? I also get out a piece of particle board to shoot at, so I don't get puck marks all over the garage door. I start shooting and the dog next door (who often is surprised when we're in our yard) starts barking like mad. That, I had expected. I did not expect Gus to freak out, run in circles around the yard and EAT ROCKS while whining like a little girlie man. He also threw himself in front of my target, in hopes of stopping me from shooting. What a punk. Zeus sat in front of it too but I just aimed over his head.

I didn't get to shoot for very long, I didn't want Gus to have a heart attack.


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