My home page, as seen by the assotron. Ahh yes, another testament to the power of the web.

I was absolutely stunned to hear that Mr. Rogers died today. I gasped, my hand went to my face and I started to cry. Normally, the death of a famous person doesn't have that kind of impact, but most famous people aren't like Fred Rogers. He came into our den every day, transporting me to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, showing me, a little girl with almost no self-confidence, that I could do anything. All I had to do was want it bad enough and believe in myself. He gave that gift to me and to millions of kids like me around the world (not to mention those handy tips on shoe-tying and fashion).

Thanks for being my friend, Mr. Rogers. You helped me discover my own best cheerleader -- myself.


Weekend score: 2-0-1. First, the Sidewinders tied the Blades (or was it the Desert Theives??) and I celebrated by getting good and drunk, starting with the shitty beer at the rink then working up to Gordon Biersch. Yum, I'm still paying for that night! Sunday, Code Red was victorious, 5-3, with Christina scoring 2 (including 1 from the point!) and JeneRae, master of surprises, going end to end, coast to coast, to put one in. I left that game all happy and headed to Logitech to play w/ the A-team. We surprised ourselves by pulling out our second win of the season, which included a phat goal by none other than Chris Dow-tay!, brother of me! Woo!!!

I had a huge test today and honestly have no idea how I did. Right now I'm just happy it's over, even though I have another one tomorrow. School can be a real pain in the pupa. But at least we get to discuss fecal matters in class. No, I'm not kidding.


What we'd known all along is now true: Sweet Pea is an official member of Walt, Dena (and Ellie Mama, Freckles, Chelsea and Daisy's) family. Sweet Pea, aka Mini Mom, is a beautiful basset girl, a smaller carbon copy of Ellie Mama and so full of personality, I think she needs another 10 pounds just to carry it around. She's also been Walt's dog since the day they met so I'm glad Walt finally admitted that and she's an official family member. Phat props to Sweet Pea!


There is no way to avoid cracking up when my geology teacher says 'feeder dikes.' It's simply impossible.

Attempting to buy a plane ticket with frequent flyer miles, I came across the following rule:
-A stopover or a legal open jaw is allowed.



I'm extremely grateful to have today off. Please join me in celebrating President's Day as I sit at home, instead of in class. The weekend so far was exhuasting but for the most part (with a couple notable exceptions) fun. Friday, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for biology class, carpooling with a nice guy who isn't very interested in talking. Made the trip not unpleasant but quiet. At one point, I turned on some music, only to hear Obie Trice saying "get live, motherfucker!" The guy looked horrified. When we finally got to the aquarium, he was the right guy to go with. We looked at everything possible and took our time. 5 hours later, we went home. Today, I'm slogging through the associated report.

I celebrated Valentine's day by helping out at Andrea's first practice back after 6 months. She looked great, and we all had a good time. She also made it to Sunday's practice, I was thrilled to be back on the ice with her.

A strange confrontation happened at dinner with friends, one moment we were talking, all seemed fine, the next, my friend was pretty much yelling at me (or at the very least, speaking in a very confrontational tone, I use the word yelling generically in these situations) over what I should have said. As if speaking to a friend like that is at all a nice thing to do. I did my best to diffuse the situation, to explain my position (I could do nothing to change the thing this person was upset about) but was near tears for some time. Today I'm still confused over what happened and in the end, hurt.

Sunday was a better day, I kept score for a maroon game, then rushed over to another Green practice to join Andrea, then headed to the Ice Center for a Jets game. I'd hardly made any games this season, due mostly to conflicts with A-Team games and lucky me I got to this one in time to be dissed by the captain (we're down 5-0, there are 3 minutes left and she sends herself in despite the fact that I'd been sitting for 5 minutes thanks to penalties my teammates got) and to check a guy by running into him with my wrist. I also got hit with one of Klaus' masterful slaphots, this one caught me on my calf, where there is basically no padding.

I was on the fence about trying to make more of their games but that was it. I'm done. Maybe I can get a little money back but even though we're broke, I don't care. The longer I play, the more I see that for me, having fun means playing with your friends. For summer season, I'm going to figure out where the largest concentration of my friends are, then just play there. This may mean forsaking Redwood City for a while but that's okay. Girls just want to have fun.


Thumbs down for assholes who use their cell phones in the computer lab, despite the signs everywhere saying not to. Thumbs up for the nice man handing out computers who kicked the cell phone guy out.


Played at Hockey Workout for the first time in a while, subbing in for the Dabbers. Thanks for the invite, I had more fun than I've ever had playing there. Because I knew everyone on the other team, it was hella fun giving them shit, especially Chris and Marci G. At one point, I shoved Chris, well, because he's my brother, and because he was there. I absolutely talked shit to all of them and had a blast doing it. Most of the time, I was rooting for them more than our team but of course I played hard when I was out there.

If it was like this all the time out there, I would have kept playing. Over time, I'm learning the value of playing with and against your friends. It's just so much more fun than playing against people you don't know.

And might I mention that Code Red went to the finals!!!

Because I said I would, I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that Robin RAWKS. He's funny, smart, good at sports, and at only 12, well on his way to being a hit with the ladies. Rock on, my brotha.

Back from an amazing time in Vegas. I took most of my Red team for the Women's Hockey Classic. We really came together after the first game and went into the semifinals as the underdogs. We beat these bitches from Dallas 4-3 and they were PISSED. They had fully expected to win against us, no problem. After all, we were 1-1-1 coming into it and they were undefeated. In the biggest victory of my hockey life, we beat them, running on fumes (at that point it was our 4th game in 3 days) and sheer determination. They came in undefeated and expecting us to be an easy win for them. As the clock ran down, I started jumping up and down and was absolutely beside myself after the game. We went on to lose 1-3 in the finals but were still thrilled to have beaten those angry people. We missed our plane and drove back, arriving at 1 am.

Today I'm at school, exhausted but happy to have had such an amazing experience.


This weekend was fabulous. Friday night I headed up to Amy's office via Amtrak, which was very nice (like the mutton in China that Andrea's mom wanted me to eat). The train was packed with students and I felt like one of them, which of course I am now. Saturday we got up at the ass crack of dawn and headed over to her office, where we caught the free bus to Sugarbowl. The skiing was great, despite having not skiied for over 7 years (as in, the last time I went was with my last girlfriend) I did very well. All that time I spend in hockey skates applied and I found myself having mad (for me, not like Picabo Street or anyone with actual skill) skillz and a great time.

I had a nice day with Andrea yesterday and found myself once again unable to sleep well on Sunday night. I wound up with maybe 4 hours of sleep, not including the cat nap I had during my first biology class this morning. I'm hoping that the large dose of caffeine I had at lunch will make my second, longest and most boring bio class go by faster.

In the cafeteria, I had a low moment, wondering what the hell I'm doing here surrounded by people way younger than me as well as other Park Management folks who are all into that serious outdoorsy stuff. I'm sure that the moment will pass but until then I'm trying to resist the self doubt. I just don't have time for it. I should be studying not doubting (or writing this, for that matter).

Let's hope this is not the first step on the road to slackerville for me.