I hardly slept last night, and thought I'd actually skip a couple of classes today but guilt got the better of me and here I am. Our class is in the computer lab, looking at websites for exciting places that may or may not (more like not right now, in case you didn't know the California state budget is a big mess and a lot of state agencies are screwed in terms of hiring for the moment) be hiring. Tell me why I got up at 7 am for this?

In other news, the Park Communications class that I thought would be a big waste of time has, in fact turned out to be a huge waste of time. I'm really not sure why it's in the program at all. But I'm dutifully headed off to it now, ass pain and all...

One hockey injury I'd never anticipated is this: going full speed against a guy, step in front of him to snag the puck (this, a move I've been practicing for some time now but never pulled off in real life). Somehow, he knocks me over, pushing my legs out from under me and allowing my butt crack to land directly on his stick, ending with a nice whack to my tailbone. I don't think it's broken but it smarts quite a bit.

In other news, I delivered my first check last night. Yes, I'm aware that I play in a non-checking league but somehow being female gives me the room to do shit like that and get away with it (a guy on our team did the same thing and got a roughing call out of it). It was big fun and in exchange for my sore ass, I hope the guy I checked is a bit sore today.

At least I was hurt while playing, not while stepping off my stoop or anything stupid like that. But ow, my ass!


Backyard Hockey
So today I decide hey, it's a nice day and I don't have a ton of homework. Why don't I get out the sheet of mellamine I've had in the garage for over a year and shoot on the garage? I also get out a piece of particle board to shoot at, so I don't get puck marks all over the garage door. I start shooting and the dog next door (who often is surprised when we're in our yard) starts barking like mad. That, I had expected. I did not expect Gus to freak out, run in circles around the yard and EAT ROCKS while whining like a little girlie man. He also threw himself in front of my target, in hopes of stopping me from shooting. What a punk. Zeus sat in front of it too but I just aimed over his head.

I didn't get to shoot for very long, I didn't want Gus to have a heart attack.


What year is this?
Today, I was having a solitary lunch (a date with my biology book) and I overheard this older man talking about women. According to him, the Bible says that women aren't as good at solving problems as men, and that his career in the medicine industry has proven God correct on this. Evidently, we don't make decisions in the ways that seem obvious to him from the start, so we should be at home, cleaning while smart men like him work. The guy with him, also a lover of Jesus, very subtly pointed out that making such a generalization was certainly not what Jesus would have done.

It's amazing to think that in 2003, there are people who would speak this way in public, but yet it's refreshing to be aware that people are still as judgemental as ever. If he feels that way about women, I can only imagine what he thinks about us queers.

The reality is that women simply approach problems from a different standpoint than men do. We like to process, to think a bit longer than men, to hold our tongues a bit longer. Of course I'm generalizing, too. But in the end, it's all about how you see things. Different is not less, it's merely different. Amen.


During last night's hockey game at Redwood City, I took a number of shots from the point (that's my side (usually right) of the blue line, when we are in our opponent's zone, trying to score. I usually get a couple every game but last night I got many more than normal and for the first time since I left the Green division, I scored from the point!!! This was a huge deal, I was thrilled, and still am. We won 4-1, beating the goalie who was very mean to me last season so it was an extra thrill.

Today we just hung around and ended up working on the yard. I am proud to rename myself Liz Doughty, Master of Edging. Our lawn looks great and I had some big time laughs at the weedwacker as it hit particularly dense brush, then slowed down. Okay, I almost peed my pants, I was laughing so hard. I guess I feel a bit like Rambo when I'm using that thing.

We also saw A Mighty Wind, which is absolutely hysterical. Go see it, you'll thank me.


In other news, residents of a certain town in TN should stay off the sidewalks because Andy is about to start driving. If you must use the sidewalks, please wear a helmet! Just kidding, he's so thorough that I'm sure he'll be the only really safe teenage driver. Next time we're in the same town, I demand a ride!

It's been a long week, 1 more midterm and a quiz (I think I did well on the test but probably bombed the quiz) plus a hockey marathon Monday night has left me a little piqued. Okay, I feel like crap so I'm off to nap before class.


She shoots, she scores!
I haven't had time to write about Monday's on-ice victory so here goes. After another A-Team win (thanks to all of our hard-working new additions to the team as well as another stellar effort by the returning players) Andrea, Chris and I headed over to Hockey Workout for a 3 on 3 game. Andrea hadn't skated there since the door jumped out and tripped her, breaking her ankle so she was a bit nervous about being there but excited about playing with us at the newly-revamped level that's proving to be a lot of fun.

Anyway, the game was close and we were 1 goal behind with only a minute to go. Andrea heads back onto the ice for her final shift of the game and not once, but twice, she scores!!! The game-winning goal was scored by Andreatan, hockey maven. Both teams cheered loudly for her, my bad self leading the way. I was, and still am, so proud of her. Woo!!


Today my mom told me some lousy news: Tom Lanane, one of the nicest guys in the history of the world, died Tuesday. He was 84. He survived Pearl Harbor (aboard a ship that sank!), the hit and run death of his daughter Kim, who taught me to swim, then the death of his first wife not too long after Kim's death. When I was in high school, I dated this guy (yes, I know, a guy) who lived with his grandmother, Beth. Through the local Senior Center, Beth met Tom and they fell in love, starting a courtship that involved day trips to Utica, Ohio, tours of ice cream factories and at the end of the day, rubbing knees on the couch. Eventually they married, and had a happy life together.

Here's to Tom Lanane, among the best of guys. You'll be missed.

I am proud to report that I talked the head of the Math department at San Jose City College into letting me into statistics over the summer. This means that I am on my way to becoming a master of recreation.

In other news, I was up half the night last night finishing a rough traft of a term paper. Upon discussing our papers before class today, I discoverd that every single person I talked to thought it was okay to have a question for a thesis statement. Am I just really old school when it comes to writing papers or are these people not aware of what a thesis statement is???? Makes me think I'd be able to land a job tutoring though.


All of my best efforts to save Benny the guinea pig have failed and she died in my arms at 9 pm yesterday. She had a nice 2.5 years with us and I hope she's pain-free now, squeaking away happily, wherever she is.


Algebra = Satan
So... I took the test and got a score of 43. What does 43 mean, you ask? I'm not sure. I know this: I needed a 33 to get *into* the Intermediate Algebra prerequisite to statistics, a 43 is more than that. It's enough to get me an appointment with the head of the math department tomorrow. If I'm denied, I'm going to try my own fine community college, (which is farther from home but may offer a little more leeway). Either way, it looks like I'm headed to stats this summer instead of remedial math. Woo!

The corn will kill you
I don't like corn. Why? Well, I just don't. But our guinea pig did. We'd been giving her these little dried corn on the cob things and she was totally into them. Turns out they were totally into her and she's now all blocked up and not eating. We made an emergency run to the vet on Saturday, where $162 that I don't have got her going again, sort of. She got fluids and a big shot of vitamin C, now I'm feeding her baby food (peas, no less) with a syringe. She's starting to eat some of that but otherwise pretty damn lifeless. Please keep Been-a-min in your thoughts.

And no, she'll never eat corn again.


Phat props to Brad, Supah Genuis in Algebra, who is walking me through this exciting practice test in preparation for Monday's placement exam. Thanks Brad, you rock!


I'm proud to report that for the first time in my life, I'm getting a 4.0 grade point average. It's like being up 5-1 in the 2nd period of a hockey game, you want the game to end NOW so that your win will remain intact. I have 6 weeks left to keep it up, let's hope I can pull it off.

In other school related news, I have to take statistics in order to get into the Master's program. I knew this, but I didn't realize that Intermediate Algebra is a prerequisite. The nice people at San Jose City College want me to take a placement test, since my poor algebra skills are rusty, in addition to being terrible. I'm gearing up for a weekend studying algebra in preparation for this test. When I heard about the test, I got math anxiety so bad I almost peed my pants on the spot. But no way, I'm not nervous. I'm a supah genius.


Today is April 1, and I write because 3 years ago today we brought home a very sweet, very sick, older beagle named Ellie from the Berkeley shelter. She had 2 kinds of cancer and no teeth but guarded her bone fiercely and adored McDonald's hamburgers. She stayed with us for 6 months, 8 days, and finally left us on October 8, 2000. I can only hope that we kept her as pain-free as possible and that her memories of those 6 months are good ones.

Our Alice joined her a year later, both girls left us far too soon.

Today, Ellie lives on in our 2 baby bassets, Rainie and Patrick, whose mama is named after our Ellie. It's like having her grandbabies with us, and a silly, sweet, wonderful part of her here.