The Grand Poobah
One of the more fun parts of having an old friend be your boss, and of having another old friend work in your group is that sometimes, you can be a little silly. Hence Heather and I have renamed our fearless leader Mr. Brady (since we now have 6 people on our team, which is divided into 2 distinct groups of 3 just like the Brady kids. Although, who's Tiger then, and what about Alice?) or the Grand Poobah, depending.

Every time I see an email addressed to Mr. Brady I can't help but snicker, out loud, to myself. Then pretend like I was coughing.


and this is what Blogger heather said...

you're leaving out the biggest reason why she's mr. brady -- she's an architect! of sorts. and thanks for reminding me of that fact when i asked you how you came up with the brady thing. :-p

anyway, i want to greg in this scenario. he was always getting the hot chicks. super groovy man!

9:08 AM

and this is what Blogger heather said...

oh and in real life he got to make out with marcia. sweet.

9:09 AM


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