I'm In!
So there's this really interesting person who plays hockey with some of us. She's very nice and not lacking in self-confidence. This manifests itself in some interesting ways, the most recent was when she was talking to me after her last game of the season, talking about moving up a division and saying "Yep, I'm in," as if the decision to move was solely hers. She said it a number of times and to my credit, I just sort of tuned her out.

But now it's become a mantra, especially with the sudden resurgence of the A-Team 2. Cries of "I'm in!" have become commonplace and I'm thrilled to report that as of today, we have 13 skaters who are also "In!"

I'm in.


and this is what Blogger cheddah said...

yo, cheddah is in!

11:59 AM


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