The L Word
Yep, I'm addicted to The L Word even if it is a soap opera (or a daytime drama that just happens to show at night), even if some of the plotlines are visible from down the block, it's the only show on the TeeVee that features a whole lotta lesbians. Naturally, they're super glamourous lesbians who live in very swanky, very tidy houses, but they're dykes all the same.

Watching their glamourous, totally out and proud, strike that, out and beyond proud, they're just OUT and nobody seems to give a shit. No asshole kid at the Olive Garden spits that word under his breath as they walk by, no asshole on an opposing hockey team busts out with that, nope the L Word ladies just go about their very lesibanly bidness with nary a care in the world. Or rather, their cares are surprisingly just like everyone elses.

Will I be loved? Will I find and keep love? Does my hair look okay? What is Melissa Rivers doing with a woman anyway? Why do people find Shane so damn intriguing? All of the proverbial questions about life, love and happiness. Just the regular stuff you'd find on any daytime/nightime drama (DTNTD, as StrongBad might suggest).

Why does this matter? Why does this show touch me so? Because in my entire life I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY PARTS OF MY LIFE AS A LESBIAN REFLECTED ON TV in such a real way. Yes, there was Ellen for a short time, reliving those not-that-fun years of coming out. But after her? Nada. Until this flock of hotties came along. And for the FIRST TIME, there is someone who (sort of, if you leave out the fact that we don't have a shitload of money, our house isn't super tidy and we're not scrawny hotties) lives a life not unlike mine.

If you're straight, every time you turn on the TV, you'll see your life reflected in some way. But if you're gay, you might see the so very stereotypical guys of Will and Grace or Queer Eye, but you won't see many Regular Dykes. So when you do see them, the only thing you can do is watch and for an hour of your week, beleive that the world is not, in fact, filled with dyke-hating assholes but instead with people who understand that we are all not so different.


and this is what Blogger heather said...

i think the key to shane is something that, if i posted it, you'd probably get mad at me for being so explicit. :-D but, to put it in PG terms, i think her character does a great job of embodying the power/charisma that we dykes can hold over other women simply because we know what it is to really love women. i'm serious. i think that lends itself to a sensuality that can be very compelling. because while i am SO not attracted to stick chicks (and they all are, at the moment, except for the very pregnant tina), i think shane is hot. it's the attitude she exudes...it's not how she looks.

by the way, your hair looks fine. :-)

1:11 PM

and this is what Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't say I have the same insight as Heather. However it's simple-Shane is a bad girl with a good heart. Who does not love a bad girl? By the way I can do without Melissa Rivers.

5:20 PM


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