No Better Way
I left hellish midterm #2 a little earlier than I'd planned and realized that I had time to do a drive-by baby visit. I IMed Susan to remind her to put her pants on, she was having company, but didn't hear back. That didn't stop me, but it did make her a bit surprised when I was standing at the window, making faces at the girls as they ate.

Andrea showed up for a few minutes at the end and we all had a great time. Here's proof:
Baby Movies!
Want proof that the girls are really hysterical?
Sammi, groovin on the couch.
Sammi getting tickled while Riley checks it out.
Both girls, gunning for the camera while Auntie Liz struggles to not make our viewers at home motion sick.


and this is what Blogger Andrea said...

it was apparently sniffy face night! i haven't seen so many sniffy faces in such a short time. =D

11:41 AM


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