Tape Delay
So, more than a month ago, I wrote to the guy who runs the league at Logitech, telling him the A-Team 2 was leaving. No response. Today, I get a question -- are both teams coming back?

Why do I bother?


and this is what Anonymous Rat said...

Are we leaving? We haven't heard one way or the other from Spike yet--when do we need to know?

BTW, did you hear about the game on Sunday afternoon? We had seven people on the bench plus Chuck, and the Red Hawks had 10 (11, I think, if you count the guy who got kicked out halfway through for being illegal). I think we did purdy durn good, all things considered!

11:43 AM

and this is what Blogger Liz said...

As far as I know, we are leaving. Check with Spike on that, but I don't think he has enough folks to carry the team.

Vinnie told me all about Captain Illegal and I've lodged a formal complaint with Tyler about it. I mean, shit, if you're going to be illegal, don't wear your Logitech nametag with your own name on it. Duh. That's too Team Dumbass to not complain about.

If we score a forfeit for Adobe out of that, I think we're in the playoffs.

11:51 AM

and this is what Blogger cheddah said...

and that is reason #222 why we are leaving Logitech!

12:19 PM


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