Welcome Back Cheddahnator!
Jena made her triumphant return to the ice and ruled public skate! She made EVERY PERSON out there on the ice HER BITCH! She was IN. I wore my Trans-Am t-shirt to commemorate her pantalones of gold (trim). Round and round she went, in all the while. Her skating looked just like it did before, which if you consider how many freaking pins and crap are in that little ankle, is huge. Huge. In.

As she left, I stood there watching her go, singing as many of the lyrics from the Welcome Back Kotter theme song as I could remember. I'm not even sure she heard me but it didn't matter, because she's back. And she's in.


and this is what Blogger cheddah said...

thanks, yo! it was awesome. and no better way to be back than with my buds. (missed ya, Vivo). not so sure if skating like my old self is good...


11:58 AM


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