We're Back!
We almost had a hockey-free vacation. Almost, until we went to see the Jr. Sharks play in the regionals tournament and win their way into the final. They ended up losing in double overtime, but hooray for getting that far. We also ran into a bunch of Seals, who were there for the tourney as well. I cannot escape them after all...

But I digress. Disneyland was terrific as always. Not too crowded, full of fun and frolic. We caught up with Jennie and Graham on Friday, then with the Nettes for an action-packed Saturday. Both nights, we shut California Adventure down on my favorite ride, Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. We rode all the bouncyass rides that you can't ride while pregnant and had a very relaxing time. It was crazy amazing to think that the next time we were at Disneyland, we'd be parents or at least, pregnant. Wow. The Sheraton was very nice, quiet and of course, stocked with the Sweet Sleeper Bed.

We talked about other places to go on vacations, but really, we don't hike or camp or have the acumulated vacation time to go on a big long international excursion so back to Disney we seem to go.

We came home in time for two back-to-back A-Team games but I decided to go to my maroon game instead. For the second time all season, we pulled off a win. It was amazing. We finally gelled and went on to beat Viv's team 4-1, I think, knocking them out of first place. I guess if you can't win, you can at least be the spoiler. Stupid fun.


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