Another Good Thing About The Holidays
Is that the Christmas songs on my ipod are now once again, timely. Woo!

Something about us expecting a baby, about some Pretty Heavy Shit getting mostly resolved, all of that has combined to make me Not Dread The Holidays for the first time in a while. If I'm excited now, I bet I'll go apeshit next year. I think we'll even have to get a tree.

Good thing the last of Susan's decorations have stayed up all year -- she's now way ahead of us on decorating!


and this is what Blogger snarfdog said...

Hey, I'm all about the efficiency. Oh wait, that was the laziness I'm all about. ;)

12:28 PM

and this is what Blogger Andrea said...

ha. a tree will scare the hell out of rainie, zeus will try to eat it, gus will try to eat the top branch and patrick will just be confused.

2:03 PM


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