Another Long Night
Well, my struggling ass went to bed early, hoping to erase what had been a particularly painful day in terms of nausea and all that crap. I was just watching some seriously lame shit on MTV, falling asleep when Andrea comes in the room and says Patrick's having a seizure.

Shit. It was a doozy. But really, they're all doozies. It felt like it went on for an hour, probably it was only like a minute. We both stayed with him the whole time, petting him, cleaing up his drool and his pee, waiting for it to end. Afterwards, there was the usual 5-10 minutes of Great Confusion. He stumbles around, sniffs all of the dogs, sniffs me, sniffs Andrea, wanders among the sea of dog beds in the living room until just like that, he comes back to us. His tail goes back up to it's usual 'wag' position and poof, there's the Pat we know, albeit a bit calmer than usual.

I go back to bed, Andrea will stay up and help him get settled in again. About 3 am I hear the mighty moan that is Gus, stuck somewhere again. Sometimes this is under a chair (a chair that we're moving to the basement tonight) sometimes it's just on a flat surface with nothing to grip so he can't get up. I coax him up, lift his back legs for him and he's once again walking in circles.

Back to bed until it's really time to get up. Let Scooter out, then hear the moan of Gus again. Stuck again, only this time I notice a ginormous oozing bump on his back. He's a lumpy guy but this bad boy was new. And disgusting. Really disgusting. My guess is that Scooter got him and it got infected pretty fast. I cleaned it as much as possible, squeezed out as much nastiness as I could, then Andrea fed them and we headed to the OB for my 13 week checkup.

I've actually lost a little weight and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It's thumping along and everything looks good. The doc had 2 women in labor at the hospital so she was kind of rushed -- most of the time we get a PA who is less rushed and we like a lot more but oh well. We're still getting good care and Murray is still doing fine. That's the bottom line. We go back in another 4 weeks and then right before Christmas we'll have the Big Ultrasound -- you know, the one that shows us whether or not Murray has nards. Woo, nard presence (or lack thereof)detection!


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