Fun Pregnancy Stuff
All the tiredness I was supposed to feel in the first trimester, but was too busy playing hockey while I could is now with us. I'd like to nap. All the time. Then go to bed.

I'm officially out of shirts From Before. Despite my most sincere wish that this lovely Denver Ooz shirt I'm wearing still fits, it actually doesn't. Time to try and find more maternity shirts that don't quite look like tents. Right now I have about 2 of those and I just don't do laundry enough to support only having two. Why? Because I'm too tired.

I really think I'm starting to show, no matter how much I'd like to deny it. Please God let the day when strangers try to touch me remain far off. Let my purse remain strategically placed in front of the belly like as to prevent the grubby hands from reaching their destination.

The nausea has backed waaay off. For this, I give thanks to anyone who will listen. Eating enough at night remains tricky but I'm getting there. Soon, that day may arrive where I think of doing this again. But for now, that day is very far off. Like forever.

You're still not getting any belly shots. Once it starts to look like a real baby belly instead of generic fat, I'll consider a (clothed) one. Maybe.

That's all that's fit to print.


and this is what Blogger snarfdog said...

I never had a problem with people touching my belly. Only one person ever asked and she was a peripheral friend in our circle (meaning I saw her about once a year) However, you'll have to worry more about me wanting to touch your belly once Murray is big enough to feel. ;)

9:41 AM

and this is what Blogger Holly said...

Hey! Great to hear about your pregnancy and Murray. I was due at the same time, May 11th. I lost the baby three weeks ago. It was horrible but not to tragic. Please e-mail me when you get a chance. Every e-mail I have tried has come back to me. Leo says, "Hi!" Miss you guys.


10:52 AM


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