Okay, so there's totally something about death that makes you look for connections from your loved one where they maybe are or are not. I admit that, and I also admit that sometimes, I look too hard. But here it is anyway.

As soon as we got into the car after Ellie died, Sting's Desert Rose came on the radio. I've always thought of her when it comes on and always said hi to her, in case she did send it to say hi.

So, today, freaking 5 years later, I actually thought about the lyrics and don't you know, they're about a desert flower, with hidden shadows that promise something. About 6 weeks after Ellie died, Ellie Mama the basset, who was quite pregnant with 12 pups, 2 of whom turned out to become our Roos, came along. She was rescued from the desert and oh yes, full of a secret promise that was the Roos.

Say what you like but I feel so dumb for not noticing until now that Ellie's message included hints of the impending Roo-ness that came our way shortly after she left.


and this is what Blogger heather said...

ok i'll say what i like: so what if you just realized those hints? this is just plain cool.

9:42 PM


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