Really Great Shit
Yes, for those who knew me well in college, I absolutely used to say that about good weed. But these are Different Times and today, I say that about two things:
  1. My new pillow wedge. It's the best $40 I've spent since we bought the sperm. For a whopping two nights in a row, I've slept through the night, with mucho comforto! I have the same look of glee on my face that the lady in the picture has. Click link above to replicate my joy.

    Apparently, the first night I had it, I slept so well that in the middle of the night, I said 'tada!'

  2. The other really kick ass thing is underwear that fit. I couldn't figure out why I was so damn uncomfortable yesterday, until I realized that the underwear I'd bought just a few weeks ago no longer fits. Awesome.

    But last night, the miracle of laundry and the miracle of Target left me with a slew of underwear that fits. Thank the Load.

And that concludes my tribute to good shit.


and this is what Blogger wen said...

The Wedge is great. T. bought them for her new place and they ROCK. Comfy when sitting up having coffee in bed or reading, too. I haven't yet said "Tada" but I might as well have.

11:47 AM

and this is what Blogger cheddah said...

oh, i shout a huge "TA-DA!" to the wedge retroactive to August of 1998 when it was one of my best friends after my back surgery. you rock, wedge.

5:13 PM

and this is what Blogger Jennie said...

My sister was so enamored of pregnancy underwear that she thought I should buy some, even though I wasn't pregnant at the time. "But it's SO COMFORTABLE!" (and attractive)

When you are PG, it does rock, it's true.

5:43 PM


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