So Annoying
This spring we did some exciting shit that let us pay off our credit cards. Because my billing for RWC was on one of them, I left it open. Now that I'm no longer skating (please do not remind me, it's starting to sink in) I wanted to close the card. The rink is being extremely difficult about responding to my (now 3) requests for a stoppage in billing while I'm out so I wanted to make sure I didn't get stuck paying a chunk of change every month for something I'm not using.

I finally got around to calling today. I hate this part, the part where the nice-sounding man with a kind voice tries to make you change your mind (but you've used the card all along, why would you close it? who are you using now? CASH you motherfucker!) and finally I said to this nice man let's skip all of this part and go to the part where you close the account, okay?

Of course, that turned this nice man into something of a snothead and he said fine, then hung up on me. Whatever.


and this is what Blogger Viv said...

Did he cancel your account before he hung up on you?

1:10 PM


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