Much of the nausea I've been enjoying the last couple of months seems to have been replaced by a variety of aches and pains. I assure you, each one of those aches and pains are painful but are far superior to nausea. I'm also enjoying some sort of kicking sensation from the Murray-ital region. Some books say it's too early to feel anything, some books say to tell 'dad' to tap your belly and make the critter wake up so who really knows.

I know for sure that sometimes when I cough, I'm getting kicked, which scared the shit out of me the first time. Because I have no doubt that my cough scared the shit out of the Murrito so I deserved that.

And the wedge. Oh the beautiful wedge that has arrived for my sleeping pleasure. I adore you, Mr. Wedge. You make me sleep better and as an added bonus, you make me sleep so well I said 'Tada!' in my sleep two nights ago!


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