Yep, It's Cold Here
Every so often, I have these fantasies about moving back to Columbus. In many ways, it's a very good place to live -- great schools, big houses for cheap, my entire extended family -- all that adds up to a great place to raise a kid. Except that there are a few distinct drawbacks -- being gay remains a big deal here (significantly less than it used to), there are like 2 Chinese people so Andrea would be #3 in town, and really, what it all comes down to -- the weather. Terrific in the spring and the fall but largely awful the rest of the year.

Like, for example, right now. Super cold, blowing snow and did I mention the cold? To us California wimps, it is a tough transition, one that quickly makes me remember that our kid will be just fine in our smallass yard, with public schools that are decidedly sub-par (and who knows, by the time Murray starts school maybe Warren Beatty will have been in office for some time, undoing the horrific shit the Govenator has done to our schools during his reign, and suddenly, as if by magic, we'll have great local schools to send the little kicker to) and most importantly, a place where nobody gives two shits whether or not the kid has two moms, let alone moms who are different races.

That said, all is well in Columbus. My mom made an AMAZING meal for us -- turkey, stuffing (Grandma's recipe, which rocks because it contains sausage), mashed potatoes, and for my now-extremely picky eating ass, lasanga from my favorite pizza joint. I wish, I so wish I could say I'm still full, but no, we had to go get more food for me 4 hours later, as the Murrito was hungry again.

It was really nice to have Thanksgiving with the parents, with my brother who also came from the warmth of CA for this. Very mellow, very nice and oh yes, yes, yes, very tasty.

What's just as nice, if not more so, is the fact that my parents bought me a wedge for use here so I can continue to 'ta-da' in my sleep. Last night was also the very first night since all this morning sickness began that I didn't feel like total crap, or really, like crap at all! Thank you, Murrito, for that.

In the spirit of the day, my mom busted out with this most excellent and tear-inducing prayer before dinner. We were all stunned, since only at Thanksgiving is our family into free-form prayer, and then it's usually Dad. Andrea was so moved at one point, she grabbed my knee. And then, when Mom was finished, she confessed with an impish grin that she'd gotten it off TV. And there was much laughing but it was still excatly the right thing to say.

We were so busy rushing to the airport, to another plane, to my mom's house, to the hotel (HELLO wall of entertainment) that I didn't really pause to give thanks for all the good stuff that's going on. Maybe that's just as good, to be so busy going somewhere with the one you love, getting to the family you adore, sharing a wonderful meal, that you just don't have time to stop and reflect. Sometimes, you don't need to, everything you need is right there next to you (or this year, inside my belly, kicking for emphasis and attention) and it just goes without saying. RIght now, it's all good..


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