I Seriously Considered

Putting a warning on Val's birth story about hey, not all births go this wrong. While I was With Child many a woman would start to tell me her birth story, then stop, adding that disclaimer.

I was advised to tell these people to stop talking because my baby's listening. But I wanted to hear so I could prepare myself for whatever came to pass. I'll always be glad I did listen, because as some of those things happened to me, I wasn't surprised by them.

I heard that disclaimer so much that it became clear that the 'ideal' birth is pretty much a myth even if the hypnobirthing book said that when you visualize it, it will come true.

Sure some deliveries do happen pretty fast and without a lot of pain, but the vast majority, at the very least, veer off the path the parents imagined.

So in the end I refuse to put that disclaimer. Because what would it say? Caution, tale of an actual human birth is to follow, details reflect the very unpredictable nature of that process.

Looking for an easier story, one with less drama? Get the hypnobirthing book. It's packed full of 'em. * I should add that I did use the hypnobirthing techniques for a bunch of stuff - 11 hours of umedicated labor, the crazyass contractions in the first days after I gave birth, the seriously not funny gas pains I had about a week later. I don't regret learning the techniques because they got me through a lot of childbirth-related pain.


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