Poor Val

Somehow she's got a clogged tear duct. We wound up at the doc (seriously, in my head, I just said, 'vet') where she took the opportunity to pee on the scale. After the weigh-in we went back to the exam room where I'm never quite sure if Val is supposed to stay wearing just a diaper or not. I chose diaper but accessorized with a blanket. We had to wait a while but eventually our doc rolled in and diagnosed the tear duct.

Not unlike the heart murmur, it's something we just have to watch over the next year or so. Only we can help her feel better with massaging it and antibiotics while we're waiting for it to grow out.

Hopefully we can get it under control and crust-free pretty soon. Because eye jizz is just not cool.


and this is what Blogger heather said...

ick. poor baby. hope the meds help soon!

10:27 PM

and this is what Blogger wen said...

if i'm interpreting your post correctly, i've had that before (and my dad, too). we were both told we'd need to deal with it for the long haul, but mine only acts up sometimes.

my doctor said to do hot (warm) compresses with a washcloth 2-3x a day. they really helped.

8:38 AM

and this is what Blogger amy said...

For what its worth, I had *exactly* the same thing as a baby and it did correct itself. Both tear ducts are working just fine these days!

10:32 AM

and this is what Blogger Dharma said...

unfortunately tis a common affliction but often does clear up on it's own.

10:52 PM

and this is what Blogger Andrea said...

the eye jizz is only to prevent infection, not help the tear duct open. >=O

4:00 PM


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