So Quickly It Changes

7 weeks ago I was monstrously pregnant, overflowing with estrogen and oh so clearly a woman. Today, I came out of the bathroom at McDonalds and a little girl from my 'hood whipped her head around then shouted to her dad about ninos! Ninos!

I guess in her world, short hair + cargo shorts has to equal boy. Even though my post partum ass is lactating and I have the ample bosoms to show it.

I must remember that in some cultures, the variation in 'style' (term used loosely since I don't really have much) for women is quite small and no doubt does not include short hair or cargo shorts.

But that doesn't mean kids don't need manners. Because even if you think that an adult person is coming out of the wrong bathroom, it's most polite to just shut the hell up and trust they know what they're doing.

I sure as hell hope to expose Val to enough variation in 'style' and gender that she never says anything like that to anyone.


and this is what Blogger heather said...

next time i'm out i'll get you a burka. i think only the ladies wear those. hth!

12:22 AM

and this is what Blogger wen said...

I've had kids (and adults) actually SCREAM when I was entering/leaving/using the women's room.

Not at me, but just an unholy wail because I was OBVIOUSLY unaware that I wasn't, after all, female.


8:04 AM

and this is what Blogger Wyatt's Mom said...

LMAO! I've had that happen after softball games. For some reason women can't play sports.

Now for some reason my ass is too wide to be mistaken for guys.

9:10 AM

and this is what Blogger Andrea said...

i've gotten the stare down at airports, the worst was this pair of women who had to whisper to each other.

i wanted to yell, "i *know* you think i look like a guy, but DO I LOOK ILLITERATE TOO???"

12:00 PM


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