We're Idiots

Val is zonked out, has been for about 3 hours and we're awake, fucking around with our meager collection of fans. Yes, it's hot. Yes, I'm largely miserable in the heat. But it could be worse, I could be hugely pregnant right now.

My streak of commenting to whoever I'm with every time I see a very pregnant woman 'hey look, a super pregnant woman! Who's not me' continues, though Andrea and now Susan are no longer amused.

I got the official 'your good disability is now over' letter today. Now I switch to 'you can barely get by on this' disability, assuming the people who handle these things for my company have done their parts to make that happen. I'm sure I'll straighten it all out but it's a bit stressful to see 'sorry, you're done. Now go back to work, starting last week.'


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