No Words For This
Friday morning, our next door neighbor called to tell us that a little baby who lived across the street had died the previous night. We didn't know the baby, we speak only in passing to the family. We didn't even know they had a baby.

But still.

Their house was filled with people all weekend. The light was on all night. They had a barbeque in the front yard. The older kids played all day Friday as if having a day off from school was normal. I think that's what kids are supposed to do, though.

All weekend we were in and out of our little house across the street, carrying Val to our cars, carrying the necessary accessories of babydom with her. All things that would no doubt have reminded the family across the street of what they had just lost.

I can't process what their loss must mean, how that must feel. I simply can't. I can only offer empathy.

And hold my little girl a little tighter than I might have otherwise.


and this is what Blogger Jennie said...

OMG. that is so sad, and so awful. What a hard thing for you to hear. :(

2:56 PM


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