So I Put Up This Picture
Of Val bathing with the girls yesterday. It was a big deal because all along, Sam has said that no, the baby cannot join them in the bath, because she was too little.

Apparently, Val has now reached an acceptable size and the girls were ridiculously sweet to her during their shared bath.

So I took pictures. And now I've noticed that those pictures had 35+ views since last night.

Most of my pictures get like 10-15 views. Ever.

Which means that it's a little creepy to me. So I've marked those pics (and some other recent ones) for friends and family only. If you'd like to see them, please drop me a line and I'll upgrade you to approved status on Flickr.

Otherwise, you'll just have to wonder.


and this is what Blogger Andrea said...

could be that i just keep visiting that picture...i must've pulled up that pic 15 times myself.

3:54 PM


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