Almost 3 weeks later, I still love my new car. And somehow, it's closer
to having a fully-functioning audio system.

The dealer replaced the CD changer today. My CDs will come back to me
in 6-8 weeks, which really translates to burning a new copy of the
Madagascar soundtrack and buying a new copy of Preschool Musical.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that the dealer found yet another issue caused by the
Best Buy Mobile installation folks. It's a crack in a dashboard panel.
This, in addition to the 2 inch long scratch on the inside of the door.

Replacing that panel will cost $92.50, plus labor. The question is, do
I push the issue with Best Buy Mobile and ask them to pay for the
thing? Or do I just enjoy my CDs and my Sirius, trying all the while
not to look at the scratches in my poor sweet car that Best Buy Mobile

I should add that Best Buy was pretty cool about the whole thing, at
least as far as customer service goes. They spent 5 hours fixing the
first install and refunded my money on the radio with no issue.

But still, my brand-new car has scratches and cracks, thanks to them.
What to do? I'm just so tired of the whole thing, just want to enjoy my
damn car.


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