Wouldn't Have Called This One

2 Mondays ago, I went to deep water aerobics as usual, reminding myself
all the while that it is, in fact, still not hockey. The instructor had
us do some new exercises. Feeling bold, I did everything - crunches,
oblique thingies, all of it.

Afterwards, Val and I went to dinner, then headed home to wait for
Andrea to finish her hockey game and join us. That's when the pain got
crazy. My damn round ligament was increasingly painful, to the point
where it rivaled the level of pain I felt when the epidural wore off
during my labor with Val.

At first, I was convinced that it was due to my underwear being too
tight. This sounds trivial but it's getting to be more and more of a
concern as the weeks march on. I tried on 3 different pairs, hoping
that would fix it. No luck.

I stumbled around the house, pretty sure it was just the round ligament
(albeit in a major way). When Andrea got home and I burst into tears
from the pain, we decided a spin around the L&D floor seemed wise.

We wound up at the same hospital where I had Val (it had been closed
because it was changing owners) and eventually wound up in the same room
where I labored with her. Talk about surreal.

The nurses hooked me up to those damn monitors. It took far, far too
long to find George's heartbeat but finally, the nurse found it. The
contraction monitor showed nothing but my OB eventually wanted bloodwork
done to see if I had an appendicitis. It's amazing how quickly the only
sound in the room becomes the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. That
thumpa~thumpa is so reassuring. (Please know that in my head, I'm
saying that re-ASS-uring).

I'll gloss over the part where the nurses asked for our pediatrician's
name, as if the baby was going to be born that night. And as if she'd
be under a pediatrician's care rather than a NICU doc.

But we chose not to think about that, we just listened to that
thumpa-thumpa of her heartbeat.

3 hours after we arrived, I was released. The pain was still there but
as long as it's just me, that's fine. I'll take my Tylenol and suck it

This time around, the road here was so long and the challenges so
heartbreaking that I'm just not willing to take any chances. The nice
nurses of L&D assured me that we're welcome to come back anytime
something feels off. I hope we don't have to take them up on that but
it's good to know that they're there, ready to hook me up, tell me she's
fine, and send me home.


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