Um, well

At the moment, George seems to be a bit bigger than her sister was at
this point. She's currently measuring 2+ weeks ahead, something Val
never did. George also has a fondness for getting into funny positions
that really hurt for me.

Thanks, kid. Yes, I know that we asked for this. Someday I'll look
back on the notion of your wee/giant bony ass poking me in the stomach
(said ass generally rests at the very top of my stomach, right between
the ribs. That spot hurts pretty much all that time) and laugh. But
right now, these remaining weeks seem awfully long.

In other news, Val's new school year started. She stayed in her class,
but the class moved into a different classroom with different teachers
and different kids. Make sense?

Yeah, me neither.

She had the choice of 2 classes, one with a teacher she really likes and
one with her best friend from her old class. She chose the friend and
they've been inseparable all week. They hold hands at circle time and
spend as much time as possible together.

If that's not the cutest thing ever, I just don't know what is.

The other good thing about this switch is that Val's weird cough has
stopped. I tend to think there's some weird shit in the other classroom
(it was in a different, much older building across the way) that was
causing it. For the sake of the other kids who are now in that room, I
totally hope I'm wrong.

The thing that worries me is that she's now back with most of the kids
from the 2 year old classroom (kids who are now 3). The Hitter, he's
there. The Overly Affectionate Girl, she's there. These kids are fine,
however, it's clear to me that Val does better with older kids. Right
now, it's like it was before, Val and her good friend are among the most
verbal in the room.

This summer, we'd watched her reading and language skills explode (she
can make up a story based on anything, a blank book, a Lego brochure,
anything with pages) while she was the youngest kid in the class. I can
only hope that continues.

Twice this week, she didn't want to leave when I picked her up. I guess
you could say she's having a good time.


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