Where She Came From

Our continuing efforts to get the house ready for both the new baby
(what?) and the stream of visitors that seem to follow, we did more work
around the house. Part of this was cleaning off the top of this
ginormous computer hutch that needs a new home (anyone? It's very
handy, I swear...). It had all kinds of pictures of the dogs, Alice's
raincoat, pictures of the dogs we've lost and other crap.

I moved Ellie and Alice's ashes to the same spot we have Zeus and Gus'.
Val was full of questions about who they all were. I explained who
Alice was without crying and we looked at a picture of her.

Later, she asked me to tell her the story of our dogs, of why we now
only have 2, of how they all came to us. She followed along, and I got
to explain how special, how unwanted Gus might've been to other
families, but how so very lucky we were to have had the big guy in our
lives for almost 5 years.

Just telling their stories made me miss them all. Interestingly, it's
Gus who I seem to miss the most these days. Makes me think that
whenever we're in the market for another dog, I'll seek out another big,
old guy who needs a home more than the whippersnapper in the next cage

Val listened intently to my recollection of our canine timeline, then
claimed that Rainie is her dog. I guess that leaves Patrick for us.

I can only hope that Val paid attention to my rescue message and that
she knows our family first grew by four furry feet at a time.


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