Okay, so, since that seems to have worked, here's the real post.

Work: it's actually improved a lot. Which is weird because I'm still
not inclined to trust them. For now, I'm permitted to work from home
as much as I need to. This is a godsend because somehow, I have run
out of clothes that fit. I've resorted to something I'd normally
never do - bought pocketless sweatpants and started carrying a purse.

Look, we do what we have to do.

The first day I did this, I realized that I had no idea where my
meager collection of purses were. So I put my Critical Items into
Val's wee Tinkerbell purse and headed to Target to buy some
sub-quality pants for me.

'It's okay if you use my purse,' she told me. Thanks, kid. You are,
indeed, the best. She also insisted that the baby needed, had to have
a sleeper thing with snowmen on it. So we got that too. Because big
sisters are most certainly allowed to give little siblings a gift.
Especially when said big sister is about to have her world and her
room turned upside down.

In other clothing-related news, I actually wore out a bathing suit
with all my aquatic activities. Last week I broke down and shelled
out another $20 (even clicking buy 3 days before a 1-day coupon
would've been valid, thus missing out on an extra 30% off) for a new
suit that isn't so stretched out that it flaps up into my face during

Ahhh, the bliss. Add to that my glee of seeing the $86 original price
tag and I'm a happy girl in the pool right now. It's still cheaper to
have bought 2 plus-sized suits than one maternity suit. And I can use
this later, hopefully not for too terribly long, as I lose the weight/
regain my girlish figure.

That is a lot of text about a suit but consider this - water aerobics
is keeping me sane. It's also helping my weight gain stay at or close
to a reasonable amount.

The downside to this is that between the baby being bigger than Val
was at this point and me being smaller, I feel more pain when she
moves. Makes me suspect the kid will share my bony elbows as well.

This kid is head-down, something Val never did. The sensation of
hiccups directly over the working parts of my nether regions? Really
not that funny.

Another thing that's not so amusing was the sensation of a wee hand
poking my cervix. Fortunately, that was only once but man did I feel
like I was in the movie Alien


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