I Must Have Overdone It

Tonight at water aerobics, I was the only student. We had a substitute
instructor, as our regular one is out of town. The sub taught Monday's
class as well so I had an idea of how much faster the pace was.

I thought I was up for it.

So when tonight's sub put me through the paces, I tried to keep up. And
I did, for the most part.

Only, um, about an hour ago I woke up in the worst pain of my life. My
abs and my back were so painful. Cannot. Describe. There was
sweating, my face was red, red and oh the panting/heavy breathing got me
nowhere but made me feel like I was doing something.

I took 3 advil and paced the house, breathing like I was in labor,
periodically crying out. Eventually, I wavered between wanting to go to
the hospital (but stopped short since who would take me? Andrea? Yes,
but then What About The Kidz? Ah yes, the shortcomings of having a very
limited local support network once again rear their ugly head. Why
can't emergencies happen at a convenient hour?) wanting to die and
wanting to just call 911. I grabbed my giant ice pack and headed back
to bed, stopping to take a perco.cet on the way.

At this point, I woke up Andrea because the thought of being alone and
feeling like this was too much. Even for stoic me. She asked what she
could do (nothing) and held my hand.

Eventually, the drugs started to kick in.

That's right. This post is brought to you by advil and narcotics I just
happen to have laying around the house. It's been a little while and
I'm starting to feel less awful. But crap, I'm scared about how I'll
feel when these drugs wear off.


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