While These Drugs Are Working

I realized that 2009 contained 0 failed cycles for us. Because the only
one we did actually worked. And somehow, we have a Real Live Baby
resulting from that one attempt this calendar year.

The numbers go like this:
Failed cycles in 2007: 1
Failed cycles in 2008: 11
2009: IVF and eventually, wee Vivian!

Every day of her short life thus far, I look to the heavens, I look down
at her perfectly round, slightly hairy head, I plant a thousand kisses
on that perfectly round, slightly hairy head. I grow drunk on her baby
scent, I listen as she sighs and snorts, I look into her blue, blue eyes
as she attempts baby pushups on my chest and I thank God for the miracle
and the technology that brought her to us.

Though it seems pushing my luck to do so, I also give thanks that she
was not born with a heart murmur the way Val was. We are spared any
visits to the cardiologist's office. Even though having Viv end up back
in the hospital was awful and scary (make no mistake, it was all of
these things) I knew that we would emerge from that hospital stay with
her jaundice fixed. And we did. And it was.

And with that, 2009, I bid you a fond farewell. I thank you for the
many blessings we received this year and hope that your replacement,
2010, has only good to offer as well.


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