This Just Bugs Me

Today we did a makeup class of gymnastics. I guess we're used to our
little group of reasonably well-behaved little girls from our usual
class because man, I got annoyed. The moms of two of the kids just let
them run wild. Those kids cut in front of everyone, didn't do what the
class was doing at all, and the moms sat around, leaning on the
equipment and talking about how hard it is to get into preschools.

Yes, ladies, I imagine it is if your kids are totally ill-behaved. But
there's a cure for that, it's called parenting. Or let me put it
another way: paying attention.

Yes, it takes energy. That means you get up off the equipment or the
couch or wherever you are and you teach your kids to follow directions.
And then you teach that kid again. And again, often in the same span of
2 minutes.

It's a pain in the ass, but so worth it.


Yes, I'm Cheap, But

The $12.99 I pay every month for Sirius radio is worth every penny.
That is all.


Can't Argue With This

When I got to school tonight to pick Val up, the teacher was sitting on
the floor, with all 7 kids gathered around her. Sporting a felt glove,
she was doing a felt pingerplay of Old MacDonald where each kid had an
animal to give to the hand/barnyard.

It was not surprising that Val didn't want to leave.

So Much For Transitioning Back

Coming back to work yesterday really started Sunday night, when I logged
into catch up. I discovered that one of my co-workers actually did no
work on the projects I'd sent over. That's ended up becoming a giant
issue, sucking up almost all of my day today. Gee, thanks.

That no doubt going to mean that whatever I didn't get to today will
blow up tomorrow.

At least the days go by fast.


The Final Score

Well, check this shit out. We managed to WIN THE WYNN DIVISION! It was
a 1-0 squeaker against a really nice team. That makes 2, that's right 2
times we've pulled off this feat.

I'm amazed, pleased, proud and rather tired. Well done, Burninators.
You all rock!

The Vegas Report

We've rented a house this year, with 6 other people. The place itself
is a bit rundown but the beds are nice and it's huge so it's been pretty
good. And cheap. Who doesn't like cheap?

We squeaked wins in our first 2 games, by 1 goal each. The second game
was a real nail-biter, against the team we'd beaten a couple years back
to get to the finals. We won in OT thanks to a llllllllovely breakaway
goal by Viv.

Going into today's game, we realized before it began that we'd secured
our spot in the championship already (go figure, us!) so even if we
lost, we'd still get to go. But we didn't want to hold back (well, I
didn't want us to) because I felt it would kind of blow our momentum.
So we focused on short shifts instead.

I knew the other team was sitting 2 skaters but didn't know why until
the goalie left suddenly after the first period. They all had food
poisoning. The goalie was gone for a while, then came back but you
could tell she wasn't feeling well at all. I felt soooo bad for her.

However, when I got a breakaway later, I was all alone (due to what I
think was a bad line change on their part) and went for it. I came in
on her forehand, like I'd practiced soooo many times, then when I saw
that she'd committed to that side, I went across the front of the net
and dropped the puck off on my backhand, SCORING MY FIRST GOAL IN

I was pretty excited, even if food poisoning helped give me the

We won the game 5-0 and went out to see who we're playing tomorrow. We
were SHOCKED to see that it's the first team we played. I really
thought it'd be team #2.

After the game we had a fun multi-team dinner at the Mexican restaurant
in the Fiesta. I spelled that name out so if you're here by way of
google, please note that they really dicked us on the coupons.

Once dinner was over, I stopped in the casino bathroom to find that the
late afternoon middle-aged crowd had been replaced by what appeared to
be a gaggle of prostitutes. I'm thinking that they're actually local
young ladies who were going to the bar. At the Fiesta. Good times,
until, I'm pretty sure some of them decided I, with my short poofy hair,
must be a guy. There was some clucking but I ignored it. Because I
tell you what, I'd rather look manly than like a hooker.

When I came out, I noticed that the place was packed with these
hooker-esque ladies and their cowboy hat-sporting male companions. Ah
yes, I told our little group, I see that the night shift has arrived.
Let's leave.

So we did and now we're all fighting sleep, getting ready for tomorrow's


Vegas By The Numbers

Because I'm not feeling up to full sentences, I offer you bullet
1 - number of games we've played
1 - number of games we've WON!
8 - number of hours of intense concentration it took to get my work
handed over to my co-workers so I could leave for 2 days. 2 goddamn days
should not be that hard to prepare for. Should. Not.
1 - number of unexpected phone interviews I had on Wednesday
3 - number of times the RE attempted to call me to ask about shit we'd
already signed consent forms about
9 - number of people we're sharing a house with this time to save a
chunk of change
2 - number of times I've been asked if there's a baby on the number
1 - number of times this was inspired by Val sharing a little too much
0 - number of times I cried about IVF in the last two days.
(Note: nobody *wants* to do IVF. It's like a little bit of hell that
maybe has a happy ending.)
8 - number of seats in our van. Let's hear it for the free upgrade to
the 8 passenger!
0 - minutes until I need to get going.
2 - hours until our next game.

See ya!


It Is Impossible Not To Laugh At This

When the nurse teaching the IVF class at the RE's starts talking about
AH, how can you not find it funny?

Yes, I'd like some AH, please. Does that cost extra? For the record,
it does. And it stands for ass.isted hat.ching, which has no other
option in my book but to conjure up images of massaging hens as they lay
eggs, muttering above the clucking 'come on honey, you can do it'.

Our instructions for the class said to bring 2 oranges to practice
injections on so I told Andrea to do that. Only she thought I mean
Val's school so she sent the only one we had there. About halfway
through the IVF cl.ass did she realize the mistake, then start laughing

Between the homeless oranges and the option to AH, I tell you this is
going to be a barrel of laughs.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the laughing portion of this has
just ended?


The Job Report

So I've been at the new job for about 2 months and man, it has been a
long 2 months. I work for an agency, onsite at a Very Decent Company.
This means that the people I'm supporting are great, nice and
professional, while the company I work for leaves me drooling at the
good benefits, flexible work schedules and experienced management of the
Very Decent Company.

The work, it is fine. Busy,my God yes. My days are full, very full.
After being pretty bored for the last 2 years at the Pal, this is a
welcome change. But I am so struggling with the very rigid-ness of the
company I actually work for. I can only hope that things improve on
that front.

Until then, I'll just keep plugging away and hoping for change.


I Swear To You

At the playground
Originally uploaded by liz2d2
This was only a moment ago. *sniff*


As An Aside To That Last Post

Please admire my withholding of that post until after the holidays.
That way, the fervor has died down and this post can move on into

Go Ahead, Call Us Hippies

But we didn't really play up santa with Val this year. The part of me
that refuses to lie struggled and struggled with this until one day, I
said oh, honey, santa is someone who helps mommies and daddies figure
out what kids want for Christmas.

Plus, seriously, isn't it just a bit fucked up that we spend so much
energy protecting our kids from things like child molesters and
strangers but yet we'd subject them to sitting on a strange man's lap?
Doesn't mean we won't have Val visit the man in the future but that does
kinda weird me out.

Never mind the whole sleigh and chimney routine. How does that really
work, anyway? And does he really need milk & cookies from every kid all
over the world? I think no.

So we didn't talk about the man that much. It all went to shit when
Val's teacher apparently told her that if she didn't follow directions,
santa wouldn't come for her.

Now, look, in no world of ours does a kid that little lose something
that big for not following directions. But this threat caused Val so
much anguish she cried and cried in my band's parking lot, so much so
that I had to bring her back into the rehearsal (it's easier if Andrea
picks her up there so I'd brought her and Andrea came to provide shuttle
service right when we started rehearsing) until she calmed down.

Andrea spoke to the teacher - it was something of a misunderstanding
since the teacher meant Val couldn't visit with the santa coming to
school that week. Either way, it's not okay to threaten like that. The
teacher apologized profusely so I think we're good there.

Our only interaction with santa was on the super-cute holiday train in
Santa Cruz. He gave her a candy cane.

So later, when I asked what santa had brought her, she said 'he brought
me a candy cane!' My work here is done.

The child had a perfectly magical Christmas, despite our withholding of
the extra fiction. Because, if you must know, the virgin birth?
Really, that's fiction* enough**.

*please note that despite my Catholic upbringing I was not struck by
lightning for writing this

**unless of course I'm just a stoking stump when you read this. Then,
I'd be wrong.


Not Much Going On

I know, this is a boring blog these days. I'm sorry. Work is sucking
my soul. After being not all that busy the last couple of years, the
switch to crazyass busy has been a bit tough. Add in the 8 am start
time and my ass is exhausted.

And also, once again, not pregnant. Next stop: IVF sometime later this
year. That should be a real fucking picnic. Val keeps asking for a
baby sister. I try not to cry when she does.

For now, it's just working and thankfully, a whole lotta hockey coming
up. And possibly, a half of a beer along the way.


Best Week Ever

New workplace has been shut down since 12/24 so I haven't been to work
since then. I cannot tell you how fabulous this has been.

Sleeping in almost every day, hanging out with friends and oh yeah,
doing an exhausting but fun 3 Christmases in 1 day. I sent Val to
school on Monday and went to the movies - bliss. On the way back from
the movies, I stopped at the used/new music store to find Val a Bear in
the Big Blue House DVD. While I was there, I saw a boxed set of the
Muppet Show 1st season so I went for it.

Well, holy shit, Val LOVES the Muppet Show. So much so that yesterday,
we stayed in bed all day watching the DVD. Talk about a beautiful
thing. Part of the impetus for the day off from the world was this
crazy giant monstrous meltdown that Val had the night before.

Clearly, she needed to get back to some semblance of a normal schedule.
If that means a transition day spent in pajamas with Kermit and his
friends, who am I to argue?