Wouldn't Have Called This One

2 Mondays ago, I went to deep water aerobics as usual, reminding myself
all the while that it is, in fact, still not hockey. The instructor had
us do some new exercises. Feeling bold, I did everything - crunches,
oblique thingies, all of it.

Afterwards, Val and I went to dinner, then headed home to wait for
Andrea to finish her hockey game and join us. That's when the pain got
crazy. My damn round ligament was increasingly painful, to the point
where it rivaled the level of pain I felt when the epidural wore off
during my labor with Val.

At first, I was convinced that it was due to my underwear being too
tight. This sounds trivial but it's getting to be more and more of a
concern as the weeks march on. I tried on 3 different pairs, hoping
that would fix it. No luck.

I stumbled around the house, pretty sure it was just the round ligament
(albeit in a major way). When Andrea got home and I burst into tears
from the pain, we decided a spin around the L&D floor seemed wise.

We wound up at the same hospital where I had Val (it had been closed
because it was changing owners) and eventually wound up in the same room
where I labored with her. Talk about surreal.

The nurses hooked me up to those damn monitors. It took far, far too
long to find George's heartbeat but finally, the nurse found it. The
contraction monitor showed nothing but my OB eventually wanted bloodwork
done to see if I had an appendicitis. It's amazing how quickly the only
sound in the room becomes the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. That
thumpa~thumpa is so reassuring. (Please know that in my head, I'm
saying that re-ASS-uring).

I'll gloss over the part where the nurses asked for our pediatrician's
name, as if the baby was going to be born that night. And as if she'd
be under a pediatrician's care rather than a NICU doc.

But we chose not to think about that, we just listened to that
thumpa-thumpa of her heartbeat.

3 hours after we arrived, I was released. The pain was still there but
as long as it's just me, that's fine. I'll take my Tylenol and suck it

This time around, the road here was so long and the challenges so
heartbreaking that I'm just not willing to take any chances. The nice
nurses of L&D assured me that we're welcome to come back anytime
something feels off. I hope we don't have to take them up on that but
it's good to know that they're there, ready to hook me up, tell me she's
fine, and send me home.


Yet Another Thing Kids Shouldn't Have To Know

Tonight, we had to teach Val that if Patrick has a seizure, she's to get
out of the room and close the door. That's because afterwards, he tends
to take his sweet time returning to himself and has been known to bite
toes in the process.

I can't wait to hear how she explains this at school.

This explanation was required after he had a ginormous seizure earlier
tonight. I always feel bad for him - here's this dog who Does Not Pee
In The House, Ever, who winds up peeing in the house during seizures.
Never mind how he must feel during and after these horrible things.

Patrick seems to have lost the genetic roulette, too. When we finally
took them in to have their teeth cleaned, Rainie came through with 0
pulled teeth. Pat? Not so lucky. He lost 11 teeth in the process and
wandered around, confused and toothless, for several days. He also held
his pee all damn day at the vet's, peeing for about an hour when they
got home that night.

Today, he's still toothless but adapting to life with his new bite
pattern. And having his second seizure of the day. All we can do is
give him extra meds and hope that eventually, they kick in. At this
rate, he's going to be a pretty groggy guy tomorrow.

In other 'too much information for your average 3 year old news,' we've
also explained to Val about melanomas. My dad had 2 more removed from
his face the other day (so far, they're benign, even though the bigger
spot on his nose kept bleeding for over a day, causing much concern.
The bleeding did stop eventually after the doctor advised cold
compresses). I started by telling her Grandpa had some owies removed,
then I felt like a heel for not explaining further. Because even though
'owie' may suffice at times, we tend to err on the side of too much
information with her. As I applied sunscreen to her today, I explained
in more detail.

Let this serve as my one and only reminder to keep adequate amounts of
sunscreen on myself and Val. And may Pat stop having these damn


Riley and Sam waiting for Val to wake up

Wasn't this a second ago???


She's The Best

To compensate for how damn tired I've been in the evenings, most nights
I come home, change into pj's and watch tv in bed. Of course Val was
paying attention - she's never not.

But still, I was touched when tonight, she took a giant piece of
newsprint, laid it down on my side of the bed, layered it with 2 of her
blankets and called me in.

Mommy! She said, I put out a blanket for you. Lay down!

Not only rhat, she'd set up all of the extra pillows I use for my
nightly propping. We are so lucky.

Why Didn't I Do This Sooner?

This time around, I'm trying to do some things differently than I did
with Val. Since I didn't have the luxury of skating (literally) through
my first trimester the way I did with Val, it's now been many moons
since I got the kind of bone-wearying exercise that I used to get at
least twice a week.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying that I'm feeling insanely happy
right now that we found our way to the Y. Our Y is close to home, more
than a little run-down but offers water aerobics three nights a week
along with free childcare for 90 minutes.

At first I tried the shallow water variety of water aerobics but that's
jam-packed with things that just don't seem like actual exercise to me.
Things that would mortify me more than a little if you saw me doing
them, like shimmies of the hips to Michael Jackson songs and ending the
session by hugging yourself. Ugh, I'd think over and over. This is a
million miles from hockey, from where I really belong.

I'd sort of look longingly at the deep end of the pool, where the deep
water aerobics class was going on. I'd wonder if I had the stamina to
pull that off. Finally, I just took the plunge, telling myself hi, ass,
it wasn't all that long ago that you were skating 2 games in a day. You
can certainly sport a sexy water belt and flop around.

And so I did, a few weeks ago. I haven't looked back until yesterday,
when I got the urge to do one more class. So Andrea kindly came home
from work a little early and we all trekked out to a different Y, where
I did shallow-water aerobics under the barked direction of a woman who
looked an awful lot like Tammy Faye.

Just the other day, I put it together - my weight gain is pretty low and
whaddya know, the round ligament pain that's been the bane of my
existence for months (started with having ginormous ovaries, courtesy of
IVF, then became near-constant round ligament pain in the same spot) has
all but vanished.

Thank. You. God.

I know that in the face of all those weeks of nausea with Val, this pain
is no big deal. But still, the absence of it is a tremendous gift. I
also feel insanely blessed that first and foremost we managed to get
pregnant with this child and even more blessed that (knock wood several
million times) it's a largely uneventful pregnancy.

And oh yes, so glad that we've found our way to the Y and my few hours
of weightless bliss that it buys me.



I had most of a post written about how we're not being the best dog
parents in the world these days. It might have even included a
confession that, in some ways, I'm looking forward to dog-free living.

And then we learned two things:
1. The house 2 doors down was broken into. In the middle of the night,
some idiot broke into their basement and attempted to steal a motorcycle
that was down there. The guy pushed it up their basement stairs and got
it outside, only to discover that the driveway is too narrow for him and
the stolen motorcycle to get by.

It was at that moment, the apparent height of the would-be burglar's
frustration, when that neighbor woke up, the dog next door to them
started barking like crazy, startling the budding thief into running
to his getaway bicycle.

I wish I were making that up. Because who, exactly, would think that
going by yourself on a bicycle to steal a motorcycle from someone's
basement was any kind of a good idea?

2. A few nights before that, our insomniac neighbor had her screen door
open at 2 am. She overheard a couple of guys walking by, discussing
which houses had dogs and which didn't.

We're surmising that these guys were the thieves, that they picked their
target based solely on which house didn't have dogs.

So I can only interrupt my self-indulgent post about the dogs and thank
them kindly for their service. It seems that their mere presence has
prevented our house from being a target.



Almost 3 weeks later, I still love my new car. And somehow, it's closer
to having a fully-functioning audio system.

The dealer replaced the CD changer today. My CDs will come back to me
in 6-8 weeks, which really translates to burning a new copy of the
Madagascar soundtrack and buying a new copy of Preschool Musical.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that the dealer found yet another issue caused by the
Best Buy Mobile installation folks. It's a crack in a dashboard panel.
This, in addition to the 2 inch long scratch on the inside of the door.

Replacing that panel will cost $92.50, plus labor. The question is, do
I push the issue with Best Buy Mobile and ask them to pay for the
thing? Or do I just enjoy my CDs and my Sirius, trying all the while
not to look at the scratches in my poor sweet car that Best Buy Mobile

I should add that Best Buy was pretty cool about the whole thing, at
least as far as customer service goes. They spent 5 hours fixing the
first install and refunded my money on the radio with no issue.

But still, my brand-new car has scratches and cracks, thanks to them.
What to do? I'm just so tired of the whole thing, just want to enjoy my
damn car.