Breaking My Own Rules

We're going to take Val to see the new princess movie. I'm making this
exception because 1. there really aren't a whole hell of a lot of movies
Val can see in the theater and 2. the princess isn't lily white.

Since movies seem to make her scream and cry these days, I don't have
high hopes for how this will go. The weird thing is, she screams and
cries during the movie, then, later. talks incessantly about the parts
of the movie she did get to see.

For example, we saw the chipmunks movie while my folks were here. First
scene in, she screamed and cried. Andrea took her to the lobby for a
while and when they returned, she buried her face in Andrea's lap,
peeking out periodically.

At school, EVERYONE knows that she saw the 'squeak-wheel' and she's even
made her male teacher be Alvin, to her Brittany (of the Chipettes
fame). So there's something about movies that she likes.

We'll see how it goes. That's all we can do.


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