Post-Flight Report

I said more than once that if I spent a lot of energy worrying about
getting through security with the pump and enough milk to get through at
least a day, that it would turn out to be no big deal but something else
would cause issues.

And hey, I was right.

The milk itself was subjected to some vapor test. Right, still not a
bomb but thanks for checking. And that was it. Pump and parts were
hardly glanced at and we were on our way.

To a plane that didn't leave until 4 hours after it was supposed to.
Weather in Vegas prevented them from leaving so we sat at the gate.
When it was clear it would be a while before we'd actually leave, I
availed myself of the nursing room off the airport bathroom. I
displaced the custodian who takes her breaks in there but it was all

I packed frozen milk in my checked baggage and that was just starting to
melt when I finally got to our condo around 10 pm.

More on the hockey later...


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