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Ellie came to us on April 1, 2000.

This blog will document Ellie's struggle against hemangiosarcoma. Hopefully I'll learn some things that will help other pet lovers with their struggles, but for the most part, I'm doing this because I need to. After Ellie leaves us, I'll need this record of who she is to us.


Rainie is now 7 months old and weighs 39 pounds. She's an amazing puppy, sometimes I still can't beleive that she's here!
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 8/14/2001


Next week, we're headed to Arizona to meet Ellie's namesake and to adopt one of her puppies:

We've never had a puppy, adopting senior dogs instead, but just this once, because their mom is so special, because we need to honor Ellie, we're going to bring her home. She's 4 months old, currently her name is Rainie but we're thinking of calling her something else, we're just not sure what yet! We're nervous, excited and (I think) ready for the latest adventure that knowing Ellie has brought us to.

Who knew that a girl we were priveledged to know for such a short time would change our lives so dramatically, and continue to do so even 6 months after her death?
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 4/26/2001


Ellie's been gone almost 5 months now. I miss her every day, cry for her more than I'll ever admit to. We've added a wonderful young (for us) beagle to our family but her loss is just as acute. Zeus is 7 years old, healthy and crazy about us. He's also the silliest beagle ever and, I imagine, what Ellie might have been like before we knew her, before she was sick.

Ellie's basset hound namesake had her puppies on New Year's Eve. They are so cute! I'm glad that my girl's memory is part of these 12 little lives and a very special mama's life. I'd adopt Ellie the basset in a second, but I think her foster parents are going to keep her.

Our Ellie was joined at the Bridge recently by the fabulous Marabelle. I trust that they've found the way to McDonald's already.

The 6 months, 8 days we shared with Ellie were amazing. I'll always be grateful for that time with her.
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 3/2/2001


It's been over a month since Ellie passed away and it still hurts like it was yesterday.

In her honor, I've donated some money to the good folks at Arizona Basset Hound Rescue. They recently saved some breeding dogs from a puppy mill and are short on funds to care for them. Today, there's a hard-to-place 4 year old pregnant basset named Ellie. I hope my Ellie's smiling down at her namesake.

Want to help? Send an email to admin@azbhr.org with the amount you would like to donate and they will bill your Paypal account or send you info on mailing a check. Just tell 'em it's in memory of Ellie.
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 11/17/2000


More deatils to come, but Ellie died about an hour ago. It seems that no amount of painkiller could help her anymore, she just fell apart yesterday and we couldn't put her back together.

Ellie I'll always miss you I'll always love you. Thank you for coming into my life.
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 10/8/2000


Ellie had an x-ray taken this week and there's great news along with some bad. The great news is that her cancer has not spread at all, it's confined only to her knee. The bad news is that she has pretty severe arthritis in her back. We're taking her to a homeopathic doctor next week to see about relieving some of her pain.
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 10/6/2000


Ellie had a very very bad day when we took her off the Rimadyl, so we've decided to risk liver failure to keep her happy. During that day, she let me hold her for hours, sleeping on my stomach as we watched TV. It was sweet but I knew that it wasn't the real Ellie. The real Ellie doesn't let anyone touch her. Thanks to Rimadyl, she's back to her regular woo-wooing self these days.
posted by Jimmy Luxury's biggest fan, Liz 9/12/2000

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