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Updated 4/22/2004 so Geocities doesn't shut it down. Enjoy my own little tribute to 1997.


I came to love the Waffle House relatively late in life, when I discovered it in college. I wish I had known about it sooner, so I wouldn't have missed out on years of hash browns, but that's the way the batter pours sometimes. Where else can you go 24 hours a day for hash browns and the best chicken sandwich on the planet? Not to mention the Waffle House songs on the jukebox and the Waffle House plates. It's like heaven in a pre-fab resturant just off the interstate. The greatest sacrifice I make living here on the West Coast is the lack of Waffle Houses. On my 24th birthday, I found myself a bit off track in Tucson when I found a Waffle House. It was like God was directing me to the hash browns and a birthday I'll never forget.

It seems only natural to me that my web page should be something of a tribute to the Waffle House. Since this page's humble beginnings, it has become large enough that some type of navigational tool is necessary. Allow me to borrow Andrea's idea and provide a navigational table for your convenience. Let me know if I can bring you anything else.

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The Liz Sampler

I'm Liz Doughty and I live in Sunnyvale CA, with my Goober, Andrea.

On labor day weekend, I participated in the Anvil Press 3 Day International Novel Writing Contest. See the resulting novel. I wrote it myself. While some of this book was based on people I know, it is also fiction. If you see your character doing something you didn't do, that's because you didn't. The characters are who I created them to be.

Andrea and I have been together since September 6, 1996, which, conviently, is the day I arrived in California! Our family has since expanded to include 5 fish tanks, a turtle named Barney, a hamster named Tweak and Alice, beagle of the century.

I graduated from Upper Arlington High School in Columbus, Ohio in 1991. In 1994, I moved to Oregon, where I graduated from the University of Oregon. I gave up a pesky retail habit to enter the wonderful world of computers. These days, I work nowhere because Clip2 laid my ass off and the job I took after that sucked so bad that I was ready to quit after 3 hours. Someday soon I'll be employed as a Web Content Editor. In my copius spare time, I watch tv and plan the restoration of my 1972 Volkswagen Squareback, Weezy.

The Ohio Contingent

Here are some fine photos of my family from my trip home in December 1997.

My family still lives in Columbus, Ohio. My parents are devoted to Buddy, the family beagle. He's an 8ish year old beagle who was rescued from a home along with 45 other dogs who had been neglected. Buddy is now fully acclimated to his life of suburban luxury as the WonderBeagle, however he was recently diagnosed with an inoperable tumor and his life is uncertain. We gladly accept any and all prayers, rituals and other ways to ask for a miracle in Buddy's honor.

My dad, Cort, works for a law firm. He's the sweetest guy I know, I'm proud to be his daughter.

Dad had his 40th High School Reunion this summer and all I got was a T-shirt and the chance to maintain the classes' website. Check out this really funny picture of my dad. He's the one with the bun in his hair in the upper middle portion of the photo. He's also the only guy not wearing a tie. I guess my disdain for dressing up has it's roots in my Dad.

My brother, Chris is a Microsoft Certified Professional, which means that he knows what he's talking about on the Internet.

My Mom is just starting to get online. Finally, I am corresponding with mom over email!! It's so great!

Grandma, Queen of the Universe

Here are some fine photos of grandma holding court in her Breakfast RoomTM. The Breakfast Room is the center of our family, where you must stop by to visit when you are in town. I grew up in that room, never far from Grandma's smiles and laughter and her famous cookies (aka GrandmaCookies)

My Grandma, Martha, is my hero! She's so strong and sweet. She was my biggest ally growing up, we spent many summers together playing cards. She taught me all the important games, Poker and Gin. She was 93 years old on November 12, 1998. Here are a few of the wacky things my Grandma says!

Liz Meets Kathy

I'm an adoptee, and I just reunited with my birthmother, Kathy on December 26, 1997. For the first time in my life, I look like someone. It's so wild and wonderful to go from being an anomaly to having people who resemble me. We shared a wonderful two days and I'm looking forward to more!
For some tips on searching in Ohio, click here.

Jedi Master Yoda

These days, I'm spending a lot of time thinking about Weezy, my 1972 Squareback. Here are some of the best Type 3 places on the web:


Links to sites I groove on.

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Macarena Banana

Look! He's doing the Macarena!

Thanks for visiting! Y'all come back now, ya hear!

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