Zeus' Great Granola Ordeal of 2005

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April 10, 2005
We come home to find a cabinet wide open and EVERY SINGLE piece of granola we had (about 6 boxes) eaten by the dogs, along with a box of oatmeal. Zeus shows the most evidence of the adventure, with Rainie a close second. That night, Zeus is extremely thirsty and we give him water, though not as much as we should have. We had this fear that the oatmeal would expand in his tummy so we limited the water.

Our mistake. The granola sucked the fluid out of his little system, which leads us to Monday.

April 11, 2005
Worried about the little guy, I come home for lunch and find that he's thrown up all over the couch. But I'm glad, the bad stuff must have left his system. I clean it up and go back to work. We come after work and a baby visit to see what I thought at first was a dead Zeus, lying on his kitty bed. Andrea holds some garlic bread up to his nose and he has no interest. But he's breathing, so I'll take that.

We feed the other dogs, pick Zeus up and rush to the emergency vet.

Monday Night, about 30 minutes after we brought him in

Wednesday Night, when he was too tired to get up for me and Viv.

Wednesday Night, take 2

Thursday, Day of Miracles
His regular doctor was off this day, and left us in the hands of another doc. This guy wasn't nearly as friendly or optimistic as his regular doc -- he wanted to do a transfusion then asked how long we wanted this to go on, as if Zeus wasn't improving at least a little bit EVERY DAY that he was there. Telling him, politely, to screw off was the hardest thing we had to do during the ordeal.

He got the transfusion in the early afternoon -- when I came to visit him that night, he was sleeping, so I started to pet him. Like his normal self, he was startled! Startled!!! When I touched his paws, he pulled them back in irritation -- just like his old self. I was amazed, but even more so when I asked if he wanted to go for a walk. He stood up and wobbled outside for me!!!

We walked around the hospital and waited in the parking lot for Andrea to get there. Boy, was she surprised to see us both outside. He wobbled up to her and gave her the first tail wag we'd seen since Sunday. It was the best wag ever.

He was moving so fast (well, not that fast) that I could only get a blurry pic. But he was UP! WALKING!!!

More of our man on the go.

When we got back inside, he threw himself back into the crate for a snooze, but stayed alert for a little while more. We hung out with him in their visitors room and helped with his blood draw.

But, finally, he'd put on enough of a show and went down for the night.

Over the weekend, Heather went to see him and was nice enough to take pictures for us:

Beagle Centerfold Pose #1

Beagle Centerfold Pose #2
Elissa and Jena brought him chicken breasts, which he ate with gusto. Our man was starting to return.

April 18, 2005
Finally, on Monday, he came home after racking up a $3960 bill for his stay at Camp Adobe. But it's all worth it because when I went back to work after lunch on Tuesday, this is who went outside to wave goodbye:

April 26, 2005

Zeus, hanging with his homies after a very good week at home recuperating.

Zeus, giving this sneer that seems to be his new thing. It may be a holdover from the neurological damage, but we can totally live with that.

And the best footage of all!
The Z man doing a hippity hop for me!

Because I think Yoda can help Zeus get all the way better.

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